Match Of The Day: Verne Gagne vs. Dick The Bruiser

Copyright Chicago Film Archives
Copyright Chicago Film Archives

Chicago, circa 1957. Verne Gagne, two-time NWA United States champion for the Chicago Region, meets Dick The Bruiser in a Two Out Of Three Falls Match. This is before the AWA was founded, and Gagne was wrestling in NWA territories. Two Out Of Three Falls was actually a common format in the mid-century.

The match took place in the now demolished Chicago International Amphitheatre. An Aramark plant now occupies the space where the building stood.

One Comment on “Match Of The Day: Verne Gagne vs. Dick The Bruiser”

  1. Awesome film footage.

    R.I.P. Verne Gagne.

    This is from the Chicago collection Corgan just bought, as a side note…

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