A1 Podcast Episode 233: The Aaron And Jerry Show


It’s a special edition of The A1 Podcast. Aaron Bauer and Jerry “Sodapop” stop by to talk AIW Archives, a streaming service to access past AIW events. Listen for an exclusive promo code to save nearly half off on a subscription.

But that’s not all! AIW is also presenting the JT Lightning Invitational Tournament on May 22-23. We run through some of the matches, including the dream match of Samoa Joe vs. Johnny Gargano! On top of that, Girls Night Out 15 is happening May 23rd! It’s a triple shot of AIW Action!

And finally, Jerry talks the Mega Championship Wrestlings Breaking Down Barriers 5 on May 16th where he and Aaron will be involved in a mixed tag match.

All this and more in a bonus A1 Podcast!

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