Geekville Podcast Episode 89: Jurassic Wars


It’s a news heavy episode this week. Jurassic World set an all-time worldwide record with a $500 million dollar opening weekend. That sets a pretty hefty bar for The Force Awakens to top come December. Seth, Train, and Andy talk the huge number, and what potential Episode VII has to top it.

In Star Wars news, Disney/Marvel threw a curve ball into the canon by establishing that Han Solo is married during the Classic Trilogy Era. How does this affect his character, and should we really be surprised? Plus, Forest Whitaker is likely to be cast in Rogue One. Does his casting fit with Star Wars in general?

And finally, Ewan MacGregor has reportedly been offered not a single film, but an entore trilogy focused on Obi-Wan. What could they do for three films with Obi-Wan? And do they need to be direct sequels to one another?

All this and more in another fun-filled Geekville Podcast!

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