A1 Podcast Episode 244: Battleground Review


WWE Battleground is in the record books, and The Undertkaer’s return is now official. The entire panel reviews the show from the pre-show match all the way through the main event, including a detailed look at the Divas Match. Is there hope for The Divas Division? And how was Undertaker’s return handled?

In other WWE news, New Japan legend Jushin Thunder Liger will make his first ever appearance in a WWE ring at the NXT Takeover show. What does this mean for the ROH/New Japan relationship?

And finally, TNA and Luch Underground are at odds over the use of Hernandez. TNA has been forced to drop all the footage of the Beat Down Clan, which basically nullifies much of the TV they had filmed.

All this and more in another fun filled A1 Podcast!

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