A1 Podcast: Backlash Backlash


WWE Smackdown Live Backlash is in history books, and the entire panel is here to recap all the action. All six (seven counting the pre-show) matches are covered, including the six-way womens match, Miz vs. Ziggler for the IC Belt, and of course the main event of Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles for the WWE Championship. Did the show live up to expectations? What of the bait and switch with Randy Orton? And what’s next? All these questions and more are addressed by the panel.

In other news, by now the world has seen that CM Punk had his UFC debut. What’s next for the former WWE superstar?

On top of that, Seth gives his views on TNA’s latest experiment “Delete Or Decay”.

All this plus random Pink references (Happy Birthday Pink), Sound Off, and more in an all new A1 Podcast!

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