WWE Money In The Bank Ongoing Results

Welcome to our ongoing coverage for WWE Money In The Bank 2017 from The Scott Trade Center in Saint Louya!

PRE-SHOW MATCH: The Hype Bros b. The Colons when Ryder pinned Primo after a Hype Driver. This was the first match back for The Brothers Of Hype since Zack Ryder was put out of action with an injury. Heat on Ryder early on. Hot tag to Rawley who hit Overdrive only for the pin to be broken up. Ryder tagged back in and helped get The Hype Driver on Primo to get the win.

Opening video package aired. One thing WWE will always be top notch at is video packages to get you up to speed.

A little surprising that they started off with the Womens Money In The Bank Match, but I guess that’s understandable because they can have MITB matches bookend the show. They did the introductions for all the women, then played to video montage. That was a bit odd.

Carmella won the Womens Money In The Bank Match. Tamina dominated early by staying in the ring when all the other women ran out of the ring to get ladders. Smart strategy. Crowd was chanting for Becky. Nattie was the first to set up the ladder, but Charlotte Electric Chair Dropped her off. Carmella ran in to stop Charlotte’s attempt, but Tamina pushed the ladder over, tossing them both to the mat. Nattie attacked Tamina with a ladder. “This Is Awesome” chant #1 broke out. Tamina got put in the Sharpshooter, which is not a bad strategy, because how can your opponent climb a ladder with busted legs? Tamina and Charlotte dueled on the ladder, but both spilled to the outside. Charlotte speared Tamina into the stairs, and hit a top rope dive onto both Tamina and Nattie. That left Carmella alone in the ring. She climbed the ladder, but Becky powerbombed her off it. James Ellsworth ran in to dump Becky off the ladder to save Carmella. Massive heat for Ellsworth climbing the ladder. Ellsworth retrieved the briefcase and dropped in to Carmella. The referees mulled over the decision. Why did the bell ring when all three referees clearly hadn’t come to a decision?

Lana cut a promo saying the women were lucky she was not in the Money In The Bank Match. Does this mean Rusev would have climbed the ladder for her?

The New Day b. The Usos via countout. The New Day came to the ring and cut their usual promo. For whatever reason they cut to the foreign language announcers after The Usos made their way to the ring. Shine on Kofi and Big E early on until Jimmy pulled down the top rope to spill Kofi to the outside. Heat on Kofi as The Usos took turns beating on him. Hot tag to Big E, who ran wild with suplexes and speared Jimmy to the outside. Kofi tagged in, but missed the Trouble In Paradise. Jey locked in a kneebar. Big E tried to break it up, but was met with a superkick. Kofi locked in a Dragon Sleeper on Jey. Jimmy ran in to break it up. Kofi hit the SOS for a near fall. Big E tagged in unbeknownst to The Usos, caught Jey’s splash attempt and turned it into a Big Ending or a near fall. New Day hit a Midnight Hour, but Jimmy broke up the pin. The Usos then walked out on the match, accepting a countout loss. Very weak finish to what was up until then a great match. This is weekly TV finish material, not Big Event Finishes.

Bob Orton and Sgt. Slaughter were shown having a discussion backstage.

Naomi s. Lana with A Bad Place to retain the Womens Title. Naomi’s entrance made her look like she stole Kabuki’s gear. Lana made her way to the ring in a blue dress, and they went to a video package. When they came back from the video, Lana was already in her ring gear. The announcers pointed out that this is only Lana’s second televised match. Lana gained control early on. Think about that for a minute, folks. A woman who in storyline is having her second ever match was dominating the world champion. Naomi started her comeback. Carmella’s music hit (the deadliest move in all of WWE, hitting the music mid-match) and Carmella made her way to ringside. Naomi locked in her Bad Place submission to get the win. Carmella left the ring, establishing that her cash in was only a tease.

The Fashion Police were in full Miami Vice getup. Fandango had an old school portable phone labeled “Property Of Paul E”. They watched a VHS tape of two mystery men demanding to meet them in the ring.

Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis made their surprise returns. They were given the names “Mike & Maria Kanellis”.

They repeated the video package on Jinder Mahal winning the World Title and the coverage it got in India.

Greg Gagne, Larry “The Ax” Hennig, Baron Von Raschke, Sgt. Slaughter, “Cowboy” Bob Orton Jr., and “Nature Boy” Ric Flair were introduced at ringside. Great moment, but pretty much solidifies Jinder retaining.

The Bollywood Boys introduced WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, who came to the ring in a great entrance. The problem is the champion being introduced first. BLASPHEMY! Then again, this world title match is taking place in the middle of the show,, which even further solidifies Jinder winning..

Jinder Mahal p. Randy Orton with a Cobra Clutch Slam to retain the World Title. Major shine on Randy out of the gate until Jinder whipped him into the stairs. Countout tease with the crowd chanting “10” for every count, thus implying Tye Dillinger is more over than the world champion and the #1 contender. Randy backdropped Jinder into Sgt. Slaughter’s lap. Jinder slammed Randy on the announce desk. Orton selling his knee as he tried to keep control. Just my opinion, but Randy is in Starmaking Mode. Dude is selling his ass off. Jinder put Randy in a Figure Four, with of course Ric Flair himself in attendance. Orton reversed the Figure Four. Crowd chanted “Let’s Go Randy”. The announcers pointed out that Bob Orton is in attendance on Father’s Day. Just tell us Jinder is winning already. Orton rallied with a Superplex. “Boo” “Yay” forearm exchanges. Orton hit the RKO, but Bollywood Boy #1 put Jinder’s foot on the ropes, which caused the referee to eject them from ringside. The Bollywood Boys went after Bob Orton, which put Randy in ass kicking mode. He laid to waste both Bollywood Boys with RKOs, Bollywood Boy #2 (I think) got an RKO on a table. When Randy got back into the ring Jinder hit his Cobra Clutch Slam to get the win. Ho hum…

A package aired depicting Raw Superstars as being unfamiliar with the Jerry Lee Lewis song “Great Balls Of Fire”. In storyline they are oblivious to the gimmick name their next big show is based on.

The Fashion Police made their way to the ring for their match in The Death Spot with the unknown assailants, who turned out to be… The Ascension. The team that literally every WWE team has beaten.

The Fashion Police b. The Ascension when Fandango pinned Ascension #1 with a Small Package. Four way brawl erupted early. Heat on Breeze. Fandango tagged in but was cut off. Ascension set up Fandango for their hinisher, but Breeze made the save while Fandango rolled up Ascension #1 for the pin.

Baron Corbin won the Mens Money In The Bank Match. Baron Corbin attacked Nakamura during Nakamura’s entrance. Looks like we got our next feud. And our rally for the third act in this match. Multi-Man brawl out of the gate. Crowd chanted for AJ. Owens attacked everybody with the ladder. Zayyn slammed Owens off the top into the ladder. OWWW! Zayne tried to set up the ladder he just destroyed, but came to his senses and grabbed another ladder. Ziggler and Zayn battled over ladder possession. Zayne hit a Blue Thunder Bomb. Styles and Corbin battled atop the ladder. Ziggler hit the Zig Zag on Corbin off the ladder. Sami, AJ, and Dolph all battled atop the ladder. AJ went down, leaving Dolph and Sami. Sami powerbombed Dolph off the ladder. “This Is Awesome” chant #2 started. Owens came back. Crowd chanted “Ole” for Sami. Zayn hit a Dragon Suplex on the apron. Did you know that’s the hardest part of the ring? Sami climbed the ring, but got met with The Phenomenal Forearm. Corbin then threw AJ over the broadcast desk. People have been slammed off of and with ladders and have made comebacks. But Baron Corbin attacking from behind… DEATH! Sami climbed the ladder, but Owens kicked him in his great balls of fire. AJ stopped Owens ladder climb, and hit a DVD onto a ladder on the outside. SUPER OWW! AJ ascended the ladder and grabbed the briefcase, but the ladder was kicked out from under him. Somehow AJ could not figure out how to unhook the briecase and fell to the mat. Nakamura’s music hit, even though he was already in the match. Nakamura rallied, laying waste to everyone. AJ met Nakamura at ladderpoint (I just invented a word). Back and forth action between AJ and Shinsuke. Corbin laid out both and got the briefcase to win the match.

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