G1 Climax A Block Night 5 Results – 7/29

G1 A Block Night 5, 7/29 – Full Show with Japanese Commentary

SANADA & BUSHI of Los Ingobernables De Japon b. Michael Elgin & David Finlay when Sanada submitted Finlay with the Cold Skull. Finlay was getting the better of Bushi early on until Sanada tripped him up from the outside. The heels teamed up on Finlay, and hit basement dropkicks from both sides. Hot tag to Elgin, who ran wild on Sanada. Finlay tagged back in and continued the shine.Finlay went for a cutter, to which Sanada tried to reverse into Cold Skull. Elgin ran in to make the save. Sanada dropkicked Elgin to the outside, and Bushi followed that up with a dive to keep Elgin at bay. Back in the ring, Sanada backflipped off the turnbuckles over Finlay and caught him in the Cold Skull, with Finlay tapping out for the loss.

EVIL & Hiromu Takahashi of Los Ingobernables De Japon b. Katsuya Kitamura & Hirai Kowato when Takahashi submitted Kawato with a Boston Crab. Muti-Man brawl broke out early. Hiromu and Kawato end to the outside while Kitamura and EVIL traded shoulderblocks. Kitamura racked Evil, but Takahashi dropkicked Kitamura’s knee to break it up. Evil took Kitamura to the outside and rammed him into the barricade to gain the advantage. Takahashi tagged in and started chopping Kitamura, which only succeeded in making Kitamura mad. Kawato tagged in and went to to toe with Takahashi, even scoring a two count with a springboard dropkick. Kawato put Takahashi in a Boston Crab, but Takahashi made it to the ropes. Evil squished Kawato in the corner with a running clothesline, however Kawato kicked out of a pin attempt. Kawato used several small packages, but failed to het the pin. Finally, Takahashi locked in the Boston Crab. Evil held Kitamura at bay, so Kawato had no choice but to submit.

Tama Tonga & Yujiro Takahashi of Bullet Club b. NEVER Openweight Champion Minoru Suzuki & Taichi of Suzuki-Gun when Takahashi pinned Taichi with the Pimp Juice DDT. Yujiro came to the ring accompanied by one of his scantily clad escorts, who the camera made sure to gratuitously zoom in on her boobs and butt. Tonga somehow managed to make his way back to the rampway without being seen, because he ran out from behind to attack Suzuki from behind as Suzuki was walking to the ring. The fight was on! Tonga and Suzuki brawled on one end of the building, while Yujiro and Taichi fought on the other. Desperado was there too, so it was advantage Suzuki-Gun. Back in the ring, Tonga kicked out of a Penatly Kick at one. Tonga fired up, and started returning Suzuki’s blows. Tonga dropkicked Suzuki into the the corner, which allowed Taichi to tag in. Tonga tagged out to Yujiro so he could brawl with Suzuki on the outside again. Taichi got his mic stand to use as a weapon, but the scantily clad escort was able to hand Yujiro his pimp cane. Yujiro and Taichi had a batlle of the sticks, which Taichi lost. A Pimp Juice DDT later, and the match was over.

After the match, Tonga and Suzuki had to be broken up. Suzuki took out his rage on the Young Lions at ringside.

TenCozy (Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima) b. IWGP United States Champion Kenny Omega & Chase Owens Taichi’s mic stand was laying on the ramp, so Kenny picked it up and acted like he was singing his theme music with it. Kojima and Kenny started out. Fitting because they have a B Block tournament match next show. Kojima got the better of their exchange. Tenzan tagged in and hit his Mongolian Chops on Omega. Owens attacked Tenzan, and the heels double teamed him. Owens then legally tagged in and continued the heat, even hitting Tenzan with his own Mongolian Chops. Kojima got the hot tag and hit the Machine Gun Chops on both Owens and Omega. However, Kenny blocked Kojima from hitting his top rope elbow. Owens hit a Flatliner, but Tenzan broker up the pin. TenCozy hit a 3D on Owens. Kojima decked Kenny with a Koji Cutter, and levelled Owens with a Lariat for the pin.

CHAOS (IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada, Toru Yano, & Gedo) b. Ryusuke Taguchi, Juice Robinson, & Tomoyuki Oka when Yano pinned Oka with a rollup. Gedo and Taguchi began the match, with Taguchi landing several hip attacks. Juice tagged in and hit his own hip attacks. And yes, Oka hit hip attacks as well. I noticed Juice is still selling his leg from the previous matches. Okada and Yano respectively threw Juice and Taguchi to the outside. Yano attacked Taguchi with the turnbuckle pad while Okada used chairs om Juice. Back in the ring, CHAOS triple teamed Taguchi. Okada went for the Rainmaker, but Taguchi coutnered it with a hip attack and tagged in Juice, who took down Okada with an inverted DDT. Okada countered with elbows and European Uppercuts. Too Awesome Dropkick on Juice, but the Rainmaker got dodged. Double tag out to Oka and Yano. Oka ran wild for a bit. Taguchi joined Oka to double team Yano, but Yano hit a double low blow and rolled up Oka to win the match.

Togi Makabe p. Yuji Nagata with a King Kong Knee Drop. Aggressive start to the match, with shoulderblocks and strikes exchanged. Makabe whipped nagata into the barricade to gain control of the match. Nagata tried to rally with kicks and an Exploder Suplex. Makabe landed several clotheslines until Yuji reversed one into a Shiromi Armbar. Nagata made his comeback with armlocks and back suplexes. They battled at the top of the turnbuckles, but Makabe clubbed Nagata down and hit a flying knee to the face. A bodyslam and a King Kong Knee Drop finished off Nagata.

After the match, Yuji walked slowly to the back and didn’t slap any hands with the crowd.

Bad Luck Fale p. Kota Ibushi with a Bad Luck Fall. Fale took a stuffed Darryl cat from a fan and ripped it up. He also kicked the ring announcer. Ibushi tried to used his speed and agility, but Fale grounded him early and focused on his knee. The referee tried to break things up, but got roughed up by Fale. Ibushi made his comeback with kicks, and eventually landed a German Suplex. Ibushi tried a plancha to the outside, but the 6’4″ 300lb. Fale was… too fast, and Ibushi crashed to the floor. Fale took this opportunity to throw Ibushi into the chairs. Kota countered by slamming Fale into a wall and landing a moonsault off the balcony. Back in the ring, Ibushi hit a springboard dropkick, but got decked by a clothesline. Fale soon hit the Hand Grenade and a Bad Luck Fall to win the match.

Hirooki Goto p. Zack Sabre Jr. with a GTR. El Desperado accompanied Zack to the ring. Goto dominated early with shoulderblocks and strikes until Desperado distracted him, to which ZSJ started tying him up with holds. This was a great example of different styles making for a great match, because they went back and forth with Goto using power and strikes, and ZSJ using submission holds. Eventually, the two did come to dueling strikes, which went to Goto’s favor. In the end, Goto hit a GTR for the win. This match was much better than I’m giving it credit for, as it was a great mix of styles.

Hiroshi Tanahashi p. YOSHI-HASHI with a High Fly Flow. Good series of hold exchanges as the two tried to feel each other out. Tanahashi did the clean break in the corner, but when it was Yoshi’s turn, he didn’t do the clean break. Remember folks, CHAOS in the end are heels. Tanahashi hot a plancha to the outside and skinned the cat to get back in. Tanahashi worked over Yoshi’s legs with leglocks. Yoshi hit a neckbreaker for a near fall. Tanahashi continued the assault on the legs, and went for a Texas Cloverleaf, but Yoshi made it to the ropes. Yoshi nailed a Tombstone and a running knee for a two count. Tanahashi tried to rally, but Yoshi kept on the offensive. Swanton by Yoshi for a near fall. Tanahashi reversed a Karma attempt into a neckbreaker. A Sling Blade and High Fly Flow put Yoshi down for the count.

Tomohiro Ishii p. Tetsuya Naito with a Brainbuster. Lockups to start the match. Naito feigned a clean break in the ropes but of course spat in Ishii’s face. Naito then took his time sliding in and out of the ring, playing a psychological game with Ishii, who then shoulderblocked him to the outside and rammed Naito into the barricade. Naito returned the favor twice. Back in the ring, the two exchanged strikes. Naito hit an elevated reverse DDT and a neckbreaker for a two count, and beat down Ishii in the corner. Ishii battled back, dodged a Tornado DDT, and German Suplexed Naito. Naito again spat in Ishii’s face, and landed several strikes, which only angered Ishii. Naito hit a German Suplex and a Dragon Suplex for near falls. Ishii connected with a German Suplex of his own. Dueling headbutts faired badly for Naito, though Naito did kick out of a Powerbomb. Naito hit a Tornado DDT, which Naito no-sold. The crowd was definitely behind Naito at this point. Ishii kicked out of a Destino, blocked a second attempt. and decked Naito with a lariat. Naito hit a second Destino, which Ishii NO SOLD. Ishi rallied with a diving clothesline, and finally hit a brainbuster to get the upset win.


8 Hiroshi Tanahashi
6 Bad Luck Fale
6 Hirooki Goto
6 Tetsuya Naito
6 Togi Makabe
6 Tomohiro Ishii
6 Zack Sabre Jr.
4 Kota Ibushi
0 Yuji Nagata

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