New Japan King Of Pro Wrestling Results

At the very top of the program the ring announcer stated that neither Jon Moxley nor Zack Sabre Jr. will be able to make their advertised appearances. Since Moxley is the current US Champion, he has been stripped of the title.

El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru of Suzuki-Gun b. Roppongi 3K (Sho & Yoh) of CHAOS when Desperado pinned Sho with a Pnche Loco – This was originally scheduled to be a six-man tag, but was changed in the card revision. These two teams are also in the Super Junior Tag Tag League. Sho got the shine on Desperado in the opening moments until Desperado seemed to sell his previous broken jaw. It turned out to be a ruse and the heels hit a cheap shot to gain control of the match. They got the heat on Sho for several minutes until Yoh got the hot tag. As Sho and Yoh prepared to lower the boom, Kanemaru yanked Sho out of the ring. Desperado flipped out of a Shock Arrow attempt and Kanemaru spat his whiskey in Sho’s eyes. This allowed Desperado to hit the Pinche Loco to get the pin.

Hiroshi Tanahashi & Tomoaki Honma b. The Most Violent Players (Togi Makabe & Toru Yano) when Tanahashi pinned Yano with a High Fly Flow – If this seems like an odd pairing of babyfaces to you, you’re not alone. Hiroshi Tanahashi is celebrating his 20th anniversary in New Japan and his first opponent was Togi (then Shinya) Makabe. Thus, 20 years later they are meeting again, except this time Makabe’s usual GBH partner Honma is joining Tanahashi’s side. Tanahashi and Makabe started with neither gaining an advantage. Honma and Yano tagged in. Honma slammed Yano and signaled for a Kokeshi. Makabe stopped him from behind, but before he could capitalize Tanahashi came in and blocked him off. Honma and Tanahashi tried a double Kokeshi but missed. This put MVPs in control. Yano removed a turnbuckle pad and whipped both opponents into it. MVPs worked over Honma until Tanahashi got the tag and rallied for his team. Yano tried a low blow on Tanahashi that Honma blocked. Finally, Honma and Tanahashi hit the double Kokeshi. A Slingblade and High Fly Flow on Yano then won the match for Tanahashi.

Tetsuya Naito & Shingo Takagi of Los Ingobernables De Japon b. Taichi & DOUKI of Suzuki-Gun via DQ when Taichi struck Takagi with a microphone stand – This is another match that was originally set to be a six-man tag, but had to be changed due to Sabre and Moxley being unable to compete. With both teams consisting of heels, it wasn’t surprising that the match quickly spilled to the floor. Suzuki-Gun gained control on the floor, while LIJ would get the upper hand in the ring. It was only a matter of time for the four-way brawl to break out. Takagi hit a Pumping Bomber on DOUKI. However, before Takagi could hit Last Of The Dragon, Taichi ran in with his microphone and blatantly struck Takagi for the DQ.

After the match, the beatdown continued. Naito tried to make the save but was also met with the mic stand. Taichi then hit a powerbomb and “pinned” Naito with DOUKI counting the fall. He cut a promo on the fallen Naito, saying he was weak.

A video package aired recapping the history between Minoru Suzuki and Jyushin Thunder Liger. This of course included Liger’s unmasking at the hands of Suzuki, and of course Liger revealing the return of Kishin Liger.

Minoru Suzuki p. Jyushin Thunder Liger with a Gotch Piledriver – Liger came to the ring as Battle Liger, shirtless but still masked. The two did the feeling out process, but that didn’t last long as Liger spat in Suzuki’s face. Liger then got down on the mat for an amateur style contest. Suzuki accepted and the two grappled to the ropes. Suzuki returned the favor and got on the mat for Liger. Again, the two wrestled to a standstill, but this time the match spilled to the floor. Liger got a chair, which the referee quickly grabbed. This gave Suzuki the opportunity to kick Liger and grab his own chair. Suzuki brutalized Liger with the chair and tossed around the referee to boot. Back in the ring, Suzuki continued to smack Liger around. Liger tried a comeback, only for Suzuki to kick him to the mat. Suzuki went for the kill, but Liger sprang to life and locked Suzuki in a double armbar. Suzuki reversed into the Rear Naked Choke, and readied the Gotch Piledriver. Liger escaped and hit a brainbuster for a two count. Before Liger could capitalize, Suzuki hit a dropkick. At the 20-minute mark, Suzuki pelted Liger with strikes that Liger no-sold. Liger fired back, with Suzuki also no-selling the strikes. Finally, Liger was the one who wilted. Suzuki hit the Gotch Piledriver and pinned Liger.

After the match, Suzuki stood over the fallen Liger while holding a chair. Rather than attack Liger, Suzuki dropped the chair and bowed to Liger before making his exit. Liger got to his feet and yelled “Thank you Suzuki” into the microphone.

A video package recapped the recent bouts between IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay and El Phantasmo.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay p. El Phantasmo with a Stormbreaker – Phantasmo sent his tag partner Taiji Ishimori to the back, signifying he wanted a fair match. Ospreay did the same, but refused to shake El’s hand. Despite repeated attempts to prove his sportsmanship, El did not convince Ospreay. Then Ospreay got an apparent thumb to the eye that El feigned innocence over. In the end, it was all a ruse and Phantasmo again went to the eyes. The fight spilled to the floor where Ospreay launched El into color commentator (and Bullet Club member) Gino Gambino. The two battled atop an exit through the arena floor with Phantasmo hitting a high cross body. Back in the ring, Phantasmo was in full control. Ospreay got placed in the Tree Of Woe but managed to back suplex Phantasmo off the top turnbuckle. The two traded big moves in an exciting exchange. During a fight on the floor, Ospreay hit an Oscutter on the floor. ELP barely made the 20-count to get in the ring where he immediately got kicked and hit with a Shooting Star by Ospreay. When ELP kicked out, Ospreay hit another Oscutter. Ishimori yanked the referee out of the ring before a count could be made. Ishimori grabbed the title belt and positioned himself to hit Ospreay with it. Robbie Eagles made the safe and chased Ishimori to the back. Meanwhile in the ring, ELP low-blowed Ospreay and hit a frog splash for another near fall. The crowd is going bonkers by now. Phantasmo got near falls with a Styles Clash, and a One Winged Angel, of course calling on past leaders off Bullet Club. Ospreay climbed to the top, perhaps for another Shooting Star. Phantasmo met him at the top and teased a CR2. Instead, he went for a hurricanrana which Ospreay turned into a powerbomb. Finally, Ospreay hit a Stormbreaker and got the pin.

CHAOS (Hirooki Goto, Tomohiro Ishii, & YOSHI-HASHI) b. Bullet Club (IWGP Intercontinental Champion Jay White, NEVER OPenweight Champion KENTA, & Yujiro Takahashi) when Goto pinned Takahashi with a GTR – Naturally Goto wanted to face Wite, so White ensured that he did not start the match. Hashi and Takahashi began the match. The matched spilled to the floor where the heels took over. Back in the ring they got the heat on Hashi. Ishii got the hot tag and briefly ran wild until Kenta grounded him. A double tag out saw Goto and White finally go at it. Again the match spilled to the floor, but this time Goto kept control. Gedo got up ont he ring apron to keep Goto from hitting the Ushigoroshi. This allowed White to tag out to Takahashi. Goto hit the Ishigoroshi on Takahashi anyway and finished him off with a GTR.

After the match, Ishii and Kenta continued to brawl.

Lance Archer p. Juice Robinson with the EBD Claw to win the vacant IWGP United States Championship – Archer acknowledged that this was originally scheduled to be a No DQ match with Moxley, so he challenged Juice to keep it a No DQ match. Juice of course accepted. The match went to the floor right away after the bell rang. Archer stopped Juice with a boot to the face and chokeslammed him onto the chairs. Back in the ring, Archer continued the assault until Juice hit a top rope superplex. Juice began his comeback and hit a cannonball that sent Archer through a table. Archer repaid him with a diving shoulderblock that sent Juice through a table as well. Both men tossed chairs into the ring and briefly clashed with them before Juice his a Juicebox for a near fall. Juice then piled all the chairs in the middle of the ring and went for a Pulp Friction. Archer reversed and hit another chokeslam. Archer replied with a Blackout for a surprising two-count. However, Archer slammed Jucie’s head into the chairs (which looked pretty scary given there are so many concussions today. Archer then used the EBD Claw for the pin.

Archer continued the assault in the ring until David Finlay made the save.

Kota Ibushi p. EVIL with a Kamigoye for possession of the WrestleKingdom Briefcase – The two were evenly matched during the opening minutes. Evil took control by clotheslining Ibushi to the floor. For the next few minutes, Evil grounded Ibushi with holds and hit a superplex for a near fall. At the 15-minute mark, Ibushi hit a hurricanrana to show signs of life. The two battled atop the turnbuckle where Ibushi landed a top rope hurricanrana for a near fall of his own. Evil leveled Ibushi with a clothesline and hit Darkness Falls for a two count. Ibushi escaped Everything Is Evil and landed an inverted piledriver. He followed up with a Last Ride Powerbomb for another two count. Ibushi motioned for a Boma Ye but Evil countered with a lariat, and hit a second one for a near fall. Evil dodged a Kamigoye and landed several suplexes. Again Evil went for a lariat, but this time it was Ibushi’s turn to counter. After nailing Evil with a lariat, Ibushi finally got the win with a pair of Kamigoyes.

IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada p. SANADA with a Rainmaker – Unlike all their previous encounters, these two erupted right out of the gate. They even tried to use their finishers in the opening minutes. Okada gained control of the match and slowed the pace down. However, when the match went to the floor, Sanada managed to gain control with a DDT. Okada managed to beat the count and mount a comeback with some running strikes. Okada managed to dropkick Sanada to the floor and hit a cross body that sent both men into the seats. Okada made his way back to the ring but actually stopped Red Shoes from counting Sanada out. Even though Sanada had the extra time to get into the ring, he still was wobbly on his feet. After a few exchanges, Sanada roared to life and hit a pescado to the floor. Sanada then put Okada in The Paradise Lock and hit the Basement Dropkick. Okada responded with a Shotgun Dropkick of his own and the Flying Elbow. Okada went for the Rainmaker at the 20-Minute mark, with Sanada ducking and going for the Skull End. Okada tried to reverse into a Tombstone but Sanada hit one of his own for a near fall. Sanada went for the kill with a Skull End. Okada broke free after several minutes and hit a Rainmaker for a two count. The two traded punches on the mat and continued to do so until they got to their feet. They reversed each other’s finishers until Sanada again got Okada in the Skull End. When Okada went limp, Sanada sprang up with a moonsault. Okada got the knees up. Okada hit the Spinning Tombstone and went for another Rainmaker. Sanada blocked with a kick and got a near fall with an O’Connor Roll. Okada escaped a spinning Skull End and hit another dropkick. The two ducked each other’s attempts at Rainmakers. Okada hit a driver to escape a Skull End and at last hit a Rainmaker to get the pin.

After the match, Okada kneeled before the fallen Sanada, who was openly weeping. Okada motioned to help him to his feet. Sanada stood on his own but accepted the hand. When Sanada made his way to the back, Okada cut a promo saying he cried much the same as Sanada has. He said we will do it again, maybe someday at the Tokyo Dome. Okada then called out Ibushi, who came to the ring and congratulated Okada. But then added that it was getting boring with Okada at the top. Ibushi then made his challenge formally official. Ibushi also reiterated the talk of double championships, World and Intercontinental. Okada said “What the hell are you talking about? Come at me first!”. Ibushi agreed and left the ring. Okada then concluded his promo talking about the typhoon and how it affected so many lives. He thanked the crowd who still came out to see him.

Definitely a MOTY candidate in the main event. Now onto the Junior Tag League!

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