My First Blog

I have never blogged before.

But I guess there is a first time for everything.

My name is Seth, and the posters on A1 know me as Zandrax. My reputation on the board is that of the resident TNA fanboy. So I figured with the introduction of the A1 Blogs that I use my space to cover Impact. Oh rest assured, if something comes up in the geek culture, I will make it my duty as the Mod of Geekville to talk about it here. But for the most part I will be covering Impact.

This initial blog is to introduce you to my basic reviewing style. I will simply call it as I see it. I am not concerned with rating matches, or recording times. So you will not read me talking about four star matches, nor will you see match times. My rating of matches are simply bad, OK, Good, Great, etc…

That’s pretty much it. I look forward to my new world of blogging, and hopefully you will find some fun in my insight into Impact as a fan from the initial episode.

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