Goldberg Returns! TNA Woes!

Image Credit: WWE
Image Credit: WWE

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The 10/17 Edition of Monday Night Raw centered around the return of Bill Goldberg to WWE. The A1 Podcast is here to get the reactions to the return, an thoughts on when the mathc will take place, and whether it makes Survivor Series any moere interesting.


Also covered in this week’s A1 Podcast:

Survivor Series Matches

  • Raw vs. Smackdown 5 on 5 Elimination
  • Raw vs. Smackdown 5 on 5 Womens Elimination
  • Raw vs. Smackdown 5 on 5 Tag Team Elimination

More TNA Financial Woes

  • New lawsuit from Billy Corgan
  • Lawsuit from The State Of Tennessee over unpaid taxes
  • Lawsuit from American Express over travel expenses
  • The possibility of TNA filing for Bankruptcy

Plus news on The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, The Cubs Dodgers NLCS series, and random karaoke


Join Norko, Seth, and special guest Dave Maes for all the fun!

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