New Japan Best of Super Juniors Night 10 5/26

Now that Rocky Romero got the upset victory over El Phantasmo, Shingo Takagi remains the only undefeated man in the tournament. It was also announced that only nine matches will take place tonight, as Taka Michinoku had to forfeit tonight due to injury. This also means Dragon Lee will have the night off.

Ryusuke Taguchi (4-2, 8) s. Ren Narita (0-6, 0) with Oh My And Garankle – Once again, Narita got a few near falls. This was actually a very back and forth match, with neither man getting the upper hand. Taguchi got the win by reversing a roll-up into the Ankle Lock

Jonathan Gresham (3-3, 6) s. Yoshinobu Kanemaru (2-4, 4) with an Octopus Hold – Kanemaru controlled the match early. Gresham made his comeback, until Kanemaru pulled the referee in front of himself for the ref bump. With the referee down, Kanemaru went for his whisky bottle. Gresham intercepted, and put him in the Octopus Hold. The ref came to in time to see Kanemaru submit.

Rocky Romero (2-4, 4) s. DOUKI (1-5, 2) with a Cross Armbreaker – Douki attacked from behind before the bell. He removed the turnbuckle pad and tried to whip Romero into the exposed buckle. Romero dodged and instead Douki hit the buckle. Rocky made his comeback and locked in a Cross Armbreaker. Douki escaped, and tried hit several moves in attempt to get a pin. Rocky kicked out, and reapplied the Cross Armbreaker. This time, Douki submitted.

Marty Scurll (w/Brody King) (3-3, 6) p. Titan (2-4, 4) with Black Plague – Titan had control for most of the match, despite King’s interference. The finish was still clean, with Scurll escaping a submission and hitting the Black Plague.

BUSHI (3-3, 6) p. Bandido (3-3, 6) with a MX – Bushi cheapshotted Bandido after offering a handshake, and choked him with his shirt. Bandido made his comeback and hit a dive to the floor. Back in the ring, Bandido tried a 21-Plex, but Bushi countered and hit an apron DDT. Bandido kicked out of a Canadian Destroyer, Bushi then got the pin with a MX.

Shingo Takagi (6-0, 12) p. Tiger Mask IV (2-4, 4) with a Last Of The Dragon – If Shingo wins this match, it mathmatically eliminates everybody except Taiji Ishimori. Takagi dominated most of the early minutes, with Tiger only getting some offense in here and there. At the five minute mark, Tiger hit a Butterfly Superplex. He got a two count with a Tiger Driver, and immediately followed that up with an armbreaker. Takagi countered with a powerbomb. Tiger countered a Pumping Bomber with a crucifix for two count. Tiger managed to kick out of two Pumping Bombers, but got pinned with Last Of The Dragon.

As said earlier, that eliminated everybody else in A Block except Ishimori, and the two have yet to face each other.

YOH (3-3, 6) p. El Phantasmo (5-1, 10) with an O’Connor Roll – Phantasmo attacked before the bell and suplexed Yoh on the floor. He worked over Yoh for the next few minutes, frequently cheating when he could. Yoh made his comeback, and did well for himself until Red Shoes got bumped/ Phantasmo took that opportunity to go for a beltshot. Red Shoes came to in time to stop him. Yoh then used an O’Connor Roll to get the victory.

Robbie Eagles (3-3, 6) s. Will Ospreay (4-2, 8) with a Ron Miller Special – This match had some high expectations, given both men have a history with each other. Eagles smacked Ospreay after offering a handshake. The match had a good balance of high flying and mat-based wrestling. The two battled on the apron for the obligatory big match apron bump. This time it was a sliced bread on Ospreay. Eagles followed up with a Dragonrana, but missed a 450. Phantasmo made his way to ringside as Eagles used a Ron Miller Special. Ospreay made the rope break, Eagles used a top rope hurricanrana, only for Ospreay to land on his feet. At the 25 minute mark, Ospreay kicked out of a Turbo Backpack. Eagels kicked out of a powerbomb. When Ospreay got on the top turnbuckle, Phantasmo tried to interfere. Ospreay kicked him away, and went for the 450. Eagles dodged. At this time Red Shoes got bumped, and Phantasmo used a chair on Ospreay’s leg. Eagles then put Ospreay back in the Ron Miller Special and got the submission.

Taiji Ishimori (5-1, 10) p. SHO (2-4, 4) with a Bloody Cross – It’s do or die for Ishimori, as a loss would almost guarantee him losing the block to Takagi. Sho got the shine in the beginning. Ishimori cut him off and kept him grounded. Sho battled back, and did well until Ishomori hit a dive to the outside. They exchanged dueling strikes. Sho hit a lariat and a double knee gubster, but couldn’t get the pin. Ishimori countered with a Yeslock. Sho made the rope break. Ishimori stayed on the attack and got a few near falls. Sho tried for a Shock Arrow, only for Ishimori to reverse and finally hit the Bloody Cross for the pin.

14 Shingo Takagi
12 Taiji Ishimori
10 Dragon Lee
8 Jonathan Gresham
8 Marty Scurll
4 Tiger Mask IV
4 Titan
4 Yoshinobu Kanemaru
0 Taka Michinoku

10 El Phantasmo
10 Ryusuke Taguchi
8 Robbie Eagles
8 Will Ospreay
6 Bandido
6 Rocky Romero
0 Ren Narita

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