NXT Takeover Toronto Results

NXT Tag Team Champions The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) b. The Undisputed Era (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) when Ford pinned O’Reilly with a Frog Splash to retain the titles– The champions got the shine in the opening minutes until the heels cut off Dawkins. They worked him over for a few minutes until Ford got the hot tag and ran wild. Ford planted Fish with a Uranage, but O’Reilly broke the pin. The ensuing brawl put the heels back in control of the match. Fish hit a top rope Super Exploder Suplex which O’Reilly immediately followed up with an Achilles Lock. Dawkins broke the submission by dropping Fish onto O’Reilly. Dawkins got the second hot tag in the match and ran wild. The Profits hit the BlockBuster and likely had the pin, but Fish broke the pin. Dawkins speared both Fish and O’Reilly and Ford followed up with a Frog Splash to get the pin.

Ricochet was shown in the crowd for the scene that is usually reserved for new signees.

A video package recapped the history between Io Shirai and Candice LeRae.

Io Shirai b. Candice LeRae via referee stoppage with a Koji Clutch – As soon as the bell rang Shirai slid out of the ring. LeRae followed her, which fit into her trap. Shirai struck and dropped LaRae on the announce table. Back in the ring Shinai tortured LaRae for the next few minutes. LaRae rebounded and used an Octopus Hold. Io made the rope break and tripped LaRae into the ropes. A 619 by Shirai got blocked. But before LaRae could fight back, Shirai his another 619 that put LaRae to the floor. Back in the ring, the match went back and forth. Each woman got two-counts with their big moves. Shirai hit a double knee and climbed to the top rope. LaRae met her at the top and tried to suplex her down. Shinai landed on her feet while LaRae crashed to the mat. LaRae it a reverse hurricanrana for another near fall. Shirai hit a top rope Spanish Fly. Still, Shirai couldn’t get the pin. Perhaps due to frustration, Shinai hit several strikes and clamped LaRae in a Koji Clutch. LaRae did not submit and eventually passed out.

Matt Riddle interrupted the video packages and got in the ring. He called out Killian Dane and the two fought on the floor while referees and other officials came out to break it up. The brawl went all the way up to the stage where the two both crashed through a table.

Austin Theory was shown in the crowd in the usual shot for new signees.

Another recap video aired to summarize the North American Title situation.

NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream b. Roderick Strong & Peter Dunne by pinning Dunne – As expected, this match was high gear right off the bat. The match spilled to the floor where Strong managed to drop both guys on the apron, beause one apron bump just isn’t enough anymore. Strong got a few two-counts on Dunne until Dream got back in the ring. Dunne broke up a Sharpshooter and the brawl was on again. This time it was Dunne who took it to the floor. Back in the ring, all three guys traded dueling strikes. Everybody got their big moves in an exciting multi-man sequence, including a Tower Of Doom spot. Dunne caught Strong in an armlock that Drream broke up with a Coast-to-Coast. Strong put both guys into Stronholds at once. He did not get the submission from either. Dream managed to break a pin on Strong by stoppiing the ref’s hand before the three count. The finish saw Strong hit is his suplex/backbreaker, but Dream dashed in and stole the pin.

A Womens Title Match recap aired

NXT Womens Champion Shayna Bazsler s. Mia Yim with a Triangle Choke – Yim got the shine for the opening minutes. She worked on Bazsler’s arm by smashing it into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Bazsler retaliated and worked over Yim’s arm as well. When holds didn’t get the job done, Bazsler resorted to strikes. The two battled atop the turnbuckles where Yim hit a top rope Code Blue. Bazsler went for the Clutch. Yim escaped by hitting Bazsler’s injured arm and clamped on her own armbar. Bazsler reversed and went for the Clutch Again, and again Yim escaped. However, Bazsler caught her with her legs and clamped on a triangle choke with them. After a few seconds, Yim tapped out.

NXT Champion Adam Cole p. Johnny Gargano via Cage Fall – Gargano came to the ring in Wolverine-like gear. It was clarified that the standard match would be the first fall with the second fall being the street fight. The first fall alone went over 20 minutes and went back and forth. cole eventually got frustrated and brought at chair into the ring. The referee stopped him sicne it was still the traditional rules first fall. As the referee looked to remove the chair, Cole low-blowed Gargano. Gargano still kicked out, and retrieved the chair. The referee warned him he’d get disqualified if he used the chair, but Gargano blatantly hit Cole with it, causing the DQ. Of course, this was part of Gargano’sp plan, because the second fall was a Street Fight. Gargao repeatedly hit Cole with the chair and the two brawled through the crowd. The two battled atop the announce table where Gargano backropped Cole through one of them. When the match got back in the ring, Cole made his comeback andgot sveral near falls. Gargano got Cole in the Gargano Escape for the submission. The ring annoucner stated the third fall would begin and a cage lowered from the ceiling. The cage also had various weapons attached to the walls. The two used shinai sticks chairs, hammers, and the like. Gargano kicked out of a Canadian Destroyer. Cole escaped a choke with the stick by biting Gargano’s hand. As cole laid prone on teh mat, Gargano set up a pair of tables. He placed Cole on the tables and climbed a ladder. Before he could climb the ladder, Cole rolled off the tables. The two battled on the turnbuckles, which ended with Gargano hitting a Canadian Destryer from the top. Of course, Cole kicked out, so Gargano climbed the cage to get barbed wire from the top. Cole followed him to the top, and the two battled atop the cage until the both fell through the tables. Cole barely managed to drape his arm over Cole and got the pin.

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